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Waterloo building trends include a trend toward building "up” and urbanization. Many of these new condo units feature quartz countertops in kitchen and bathroom. More and more often, new Kitchener-Waterloo area homeowners are also opting to install quartz countertops and accents.
Quartz is an engineered stone that was developed in Italy in the 1960s. It uses more than 90 per cent natural quartz stone, which is crushed and then bonded together with resin, other bonding agents, and sometimes pigment to create slabs for countertops and other stone accents.
There are many reasons why quartz countertops have skyrocketed in popularity in Kitchener-Waterloo recent years. These include the following:
  • Durability. Quartz countertops are extremely hard, tough, and durable. The natural quartz stone is the fourth hardest substance on earth, and undergoing the bonding process makes it very solid and strong. Because of this, quartz countertops are unlikely to chip, crack, or scratch. Quartz countertops are also heat resistant up to 300ºF.
  • Beauty. Engineered stone slabs are usually created to resemble granite. In fact, some so closely mimic granite that most people can't tell the difference. Engineered stone is often more uniform in colour and grain than granite, although some quartz slabs are created with "imperfections” in their design to make them look even more like granite, marble, or other stone. Quartz slabs are available in many, many colours, including burgundy and brilliant blue, but the majority of colours are neutral tones: various shades of white, beige, cream, grey, and brown.
  • Luxury. Until recently, stone has been associated with the very wealthy. Consequently, adding stone elements to your home gives it an air of luxury. No other material can create the same atmosphere of natural elegance.
  • Hygienic. Because quartz countertops are less porous than other stone, cleaning it is simple and bacteria doesn't get trapped in it.
  • Care. Unlike natural stone slab, quartz doesn't require sealing or annual resealing. A damp cloth can wipe up most spills, and only a mild soap with a balanced PH is required for cleaning.
  • Value. Quartz countertops are in high demand because they add functionality and beauty to your living space. They also add value to your property. Statistics show that stone countertops are one of the features common to houses that sell for above asking price.


Today's eco-conscious consumer is concerned with the environment, and works to decrease his or her environmental footprint. Because quartz is a very common mineral, quartz slab is a sustainable product, and qualifies for LEED® certification. Also, because quartz is found in every country in the world, it's unlikely that stone is shipped great distances to create your slab. If your slab uses regionally accessed stone and is locally fabricated, your countertop will obviously be much more environmentally friendly than slabs of granite shipped from India or Brazil, for example.

Area Stone Suppliers

Visit the showroom of a stone supplier that services the Waterloo area. Better suppliers maintain a display room with thousands of stone slabs to view in a neutral environment. Talk to experts about bringing the beauty and durability of quartz countertops to your home.

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